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Hey there! I’m Mike, and let me tell you my story

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I still remember my first days trying to sell stuff online. I created my first website and put a link on it waiting for the first sale which eventually never happened. I didn’t read a lot about internet marketing, to be honest, but I was dreaming of a wealthy life where I never had to worry about money again.

Time passed, and nothing happened, no visitors came to my website, no money came in, so I thought it was about time to start reading up on how to earn money online. I still remember it as it was yesterday, the first product I bought online is an e-book called “Internet Million Dollars” it must be back in late 2006 or early 2007. When I start reading the e-book I became really excited; this product was going to make a millionaire! No? Not really. The ebook talked about HYIP, stock market, Forex, affiliate and big numbers $$$$. I tried HYIP and lost money, my e-gold account got hacked, and I lost more money. I tried Forex, got myself signed up for a Forex robot then lost the money again.

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So I decided to go for affiliate marketing and again, this product was not leading me to any profits. The only thing this ebook showed were the possibilities, not the way how to reach it. Over the next years, I bought a lot of other products and finally started to build some knowledge of how it worked online. I started earning some money, step by step, not enough to quit my IT-job but after all, I was making some money! So I continued what I was doing, and I started earning more money, enough money to finally quit my job. The message I want to give to people is that it is possible to make money online, but it requires a lot of determination and patience.
One thing I learned to avoid is to buy those products that sell themselves as quick rich products, over the years I have learned that if somethings sounds to be good to be true, it is too good to be true. A lot of that $97 product that is selling are due to a good copywriter turn out to be scams (it isn’t the right word, I know). You buy this product, and it has some useful tips, but in the end, only the guy selling this product is getting rich of it. Other products appear to be used for upselling, the first page you see after you have paid tells you to pay another $150 for the top level product which seems to be indispensable to be successful with this product.

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Another point I want to add here is that you got to have some money to invest in your business. You need to be able to buy some web space, get a domain name, be able to outsource a few things (if you don’t have a full-time job, you can do this yourself of course!).

Now that you know a little bit about me let’s talk about the purpose of this website.

Also you can if you have any question feel free to reach me out here.

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