Ways to advertise your business online without breaking the bank

How to advertise your business

There are many ways in which you can advertise your new or small business.

For a start, banner and print ads are very expensive so therefore not very practical for a new and small business. There are other ways to advertise at a much less expensive cost to your pocket.

Let’s delve into this and try to find some of the best and more cost worthy ways of advertising your business on the internet.

Google Adwords – Business Advertising

google adwords for business advertising

Many people do not know how to use Google AdWords for business advertising and they expect it to cost too much before they have even tried it themselves.

PPC – Google Adwords can actually provide large amounts of traffic and interactions if you are careful with how you build up your campaign and run relevant niche ad groups. This method was explained very well by Andrew Riker, SEO specialist on WordStream.

If you can find long-tail keywords which are very specific to your niche/industry, then you can get high amounts of click-through rates and conversions. It’s about finding the gems in your niche and working on them rather than the generic keywords all your competitors use.

Spending a lot of money to get a lot of traffic is not the case. If you find the right long tail keywords and set yourself a low budget up to about £20 a day then you pull in some nice leads.

Facebook Ads – Business Advertising

Facebook ads have some real value when used for business advertising. You can set your budgets and target really specific people on Facebook. I am not going to go into this too much but if you need more information on Facebook ads then watch the video below.

Article Submissions – Get Published Online

Simple as the title suggests, write articles about your niche and submit them to article websites across the web. Submitting articles about the topic you love or work on should be an easy task. If you’re a painter then you should have no problem writing about how to paint skirting boards and hang wallpaper.

Some great websites for article submissions are:




In exchange for the content, they will allow you to add a few links to your article to your website. This could lead to potential traffic to your website which could convert to leads.

Donations, Volunteer Services

If you can provide your services for some advertising then it’s a great way to get your company out there.

Claim Google Places Listings For Your Business

This one is a must do, Google allows you to add your business to the maps and this can get you more exposure in the local 3 pack.

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